This Type-A in recovery personality and purpose-filled woman is sitting on two unpublished blog posts. It kind of drives me crazy, so I figure I will quickly dash out a post here to share with you WHY I haven’t posted and to make me feel a little less lazy (and I MUST be better about creating a blog posting schedule!).

So WHY haven’t I been blogging?

  1. I am doing a slight rebranding and am considering how this affects the future of my posts, so I am mulling… and it’s okay.
  2. I am being intentional about enjoying my spring and upcoming summer. I have some potential stressors on the horizon, including putting my childhood home on the market and watching my older son and his precious family (my grands!) move to Hawaii. I am making sure I go to an amusement park, splash in the ocean, and spend more time hiking. Blog posts this summer may continue to be few and far.
  3. I want to be more strategic with my blogs, aligning them with who I am and what I do. My recent post on advice for deconstructing one’s childhood home is a useful topic for many, but it doesn’t align with my tagline of “empowering women to live with balance, joy, and purpose.” I’m no dummy. I know my posts should fit with my 3 pillars (balance, joy, and purpose). I’m working on it. By the way, the tagline and mission will be slightly changing, too, so there’s that!
  4. I decided a few months ago that I would blog only once a month. I plan to do twice a month, starting in the fall, but right now it’s once a month. The post you are reading is my May post. Period. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. I’ve been writing for some publications and just haven’t wanted to write a blog post. Period (again).
  6. And finally, while I know people read my blog, it’s disappointing to put thought and time into what you hope is an inspiring, thought-provoking post, only to have it get five “likes” on social media while the woman who made unhealthy fried bologna and gravy for dinner gets 600 “likes” on her posted photo. Sigh.

This post just took me only 10 minutes to write. I can DO this… I CAN do this! And, yes, the control side of me does prefer to do my own writing… just in case you were wondering.

Please stay tuned for what I hope are inspiring posts… but no bologna and gravy from this woman.

And it’s all good.


Amy Walton is a certified life coach, Christian life coach, speaker, and writer who is okay right now with not regularly blogging. She works with women all over the country to help them create joyful, balanced, and purposeful lives. She loves God, her family, good books, red wine, rainy days, and living a heathy lifestyle. She does not love fried bologna and gravy. She ate a lifetime’s worth as a kid, so she’s good. Connect with her at