Are you living your best life? Are you ready to start?

I’m betting that’s a question you ask yourself often. Midlife does that to us. Maybe you already know the answer, and it takes up a large part of your thoughts. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

Not always and maybe not even frequently. In my years of coaching women-and in my own life- I’ve found that WE are often our greatest obstacles to living the life we desire and the one we feel divinely guided to live. We allow our fears, our insecurities, our pasts, our “busyness,” and a whole lot of other things hold us back.

And we far too often don’t seek God’s guidance for our lives.

In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.- Proverbs 19:9 (NIV)

Guess what, beautiful woman (Yes… YOU!)?

You’ve come to the right place to start living your best life, even if that means (as it usually does) starting anew in some way!



Amy Walton Life Coach

I’m Amy.

I’m a mother, a grandmother, a certified life coach and Christian life coach, a fitness buff, and more.

And I am a wonderfully made creation of God to Whom I give thanks everyday.

I’ve also made it to the other side of menopause, quite smoothly, and am loving this second half of my life, which I hope goes on for many purpose-filled years!

I won’t lie to you. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder, relationship challenges, the empty nest, and career burnout. I’ve sometimes second guessed myself about leaving a great job I loved to start my own business. I still deal with some residual grief over losses I didn’t deal with years ago; and yes, I occasionally get “stuck.” I’m a human being, just like you, but we are beautifully unique individuals!

I believe with every fiber of my being that life is a gift from God, and I believe we owe it to Him and to our fine selves to create health and balance, live our lives with passion and purpose, and savor the joys that are all around us each and everyday.

I also believe we should seek His will and guidance.

This is me:

I was raised in a North Carolina mill town by a former prisoner of war and his loving wife (my mama and daddy!). I was the college student who earned high honors and lots of recognition but plunged into an eating disorder that was a major life interruption. I weighed 83 lbs. when I graduated with high honors from college, but I finally learned to love and nurture my body. I then married one of my college sweethearts (one!) and gave birth to my first son nine months and seventeen days after I said, “I do!”

Four years later, my semipro athlete husband was hit by a loaded dump truck and lost his right leg. We lost nearly everything we had, so we regrouped and relocated to start anew. It was a great leap of faith, as we had no jobs and knew no one in our new city. And two months after that big move, we had another little boy! A few years afterwards, my husband was lost at sea, and I raised my boys as a single mom for over 15 years. Besides God, my sons are my greatest joys.

I’ve made some messes in my life, too, I actually created such an ugly vortex of my life at one point that I stopped speaking for Christian women’s organizations-for years. I finally went into the desert in my own way, in the middle of raising my boys; and I eventually emerged, forgiving, forgiven, and knowing God would use me to bring hope to others.

Now, what you are reading could be more professionally written, just listing my career highlights. But I want you to connect with me, to know a little about the woman and not the professional coach, speaker, and writer. I’ve lived a life, and I savor it daily, even in challenging times; and I am all about joy and purpose with a whole lot of hope.

It’s MY hope that in working with you, I can empower you to stop your temporary vegetation and fretting and to discover and re-discover your passions, your purpose, your amazing talents, and holistic health (body, mind, and spirit). I want you to be excited about the rest of your life and to live with hope and in a spirit of serenity.

With me as your coach, you will have a multi-certified and encouraging partner on your journey. Together, with you as the leader (Yes, coaching is client driven, but I provide the tools and resources!), we can create a plan for you to thrive holistically, addressing all parts of your life and focusing on those areas where you really need some refining.We’ll assess your values and get them aligned with your life and work.

You can view my current coaching packages here. I do offer a FREE 30-minute “Connect With Me”  phone call where I will learn about you and your desires and where you can decide if I am a good fit for the journey you want to take. Schedule your call on my coaching page, and let’s talk!

Me, somewhere on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia

Random facts about me:

  • My first job out of college was teaching second grade in a rural public school.
  • I do energy work and am happy to discuss this wonderful healing modality with any client who’s interested in incorporating it into her journey. I sometimes walk the labyrinth, an ancient Christian practice, with my clients. I’m not confined to my office!
  • I co-hosted a local TV show for four years. If you ask me to do my televangelist wife impersonation, which I often did on breaks, I just might oblige you.
  • I love worship, studying scripture, and sipping on a nice red wine. Crackling fires, rocking chairs, good books, nature, and long, vigorous walks nurture me, too.
  • For my 40th birthday, clad in pearls and my Eddie Bauer blazer, I went to a tattoo joint and got inked. I usually forget I have that tiny rosebud on my right shoulder.
  • My sons are successful men and leaders, so I think I did something right. They’re pretty awesome humans.
  • As a nonprofit professional, I raised a boatload of money, started funding initiatives, and even created a preschool program that still teaches little ones the importance and magic of art.
  • My heroes in life-besides my late father and my sons-are Jesus and Herman Munster. Seriously.


Having fun in Hawaii, January 2019



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