Do you ever find yourself stressing over what to buy for that special girlfriend’s birthday? Thinking that your child’s teacher receives way too many monogrammed items at Christmas? Has Mother’s Day shopping just become too much?

Allow me to help you de-stress by recommending 6 affordable “You Can’t Go Wrong”  gifts for those special women in your life and for any occasion. The items below are often my “go to” gifts. These gifts are easy on the budget, can be attractively grouped together in a pretty mesh bag or gift box, and are most always appreciated! Skip the gift cards, stop trying to find the “perfect” gift, and keep some change in your pocket!

I’ll keep this simple for you.

 Nice bar of soap- I LOVE soap, and I think it’s safe to say that most women use it (smile!). Lovely, scented handmade soaps can be found at health food stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx, and gift shops. One of my favorite and very affordable brands is Good Soap, which is sold exclusively at Whole Foods. It’s made with Ethically Traded ingredients, lasts through hundreds of showers, and comes in yummy scents such as Coconut Green Tea and Lemonade. Visit

Candle- Candles make nice gifts, too. A lot of women love to light a candle when they write in their journals or have their daily quiet time or take a bath. A nice scented candle doesn’t have to cost $15-20. You can frequently find affordable ones in grocery stores and at discount stores.  Personally, I love plain white candles in glass (think “prayer candles,” so to speak). You can usually get them at Dollar Tree or in the Hispanic foods section of a grocery store.

Picture frame- Simple or slightly fancy frames can be found in many places, including Target, Marshall’s, and Michael’s Arts and Crafts. Most women have treasured photos they would love to frame, but just haven’t taken the time to buy a frame. Really make her day by placing a cherished photo in the frame before you give it to her!

Bar of chocolate- It is the rare woman who doesn’t love chocolate. Regardless of the occasion or the time of month (ahem…), women treasure chocolate. Dark organic chocolate-maybe with sea salt- will go straight from her lips to her heart! Inexpensive bars can be purchased at most grocery stores and discount department stores.

Essential oil- I LOVE essential oils! I have dabbled in them for various uses, but friends who know their oils often tell me how certain oils remedy ailments and even moods. My current fave is Chill Pill by Aura Cacia. Featuring lavender, chamomile, and patchouli, this essential oil will lull a busy woman to sleep in no time! A few drops on her pillow and a couple on her feet, and it’s sweet dreams!

Christmas ornament- Christmas can bring out the child in most women (I speak from annual experience!). Why not give that special woman an ornament that reminds you of her  (her profession, wine, her faith) or maybe one you picked up on your most recent vacation? Ornaments become joyful treasures to unpack and hang on a tree year after year and remind the recipient of the giver!

6 gifts… affordable and usually welcome by women. Try grouping a few together in a gift bag with a handwritten note. Make a friend’s special day even more special.


Your gift giving problem is now solved- over and over again!

Amy Walton is a Virginia Beach-based women’s life coach, speaker, and writer who empowers women to live with balance, joy, and purpose. Areas of coaching dear to her heart are building relationships in business; living a healthy, balanced life; building self-esteem and personal growth, and Christian life coaching, especially for mothers raising children. She enjoys burying her head at night in a pillow infused with Chill Pill essential oil, and her growing Christmas ornament collection includes The Mothman (a gift from her fiance) and at least 20 handmade ornaments by two little boys who grew into fine young men. Visit her website at