I occasionally get asked the question, “Why would someone want to work with you instead of working with so and so?”

That’s a good question, and I am never offended by it, because my answer helps me share who I am as a women’s life coach.

Look, there are A LOT of “life coaches” out there. I placed quotation marks around that term because there are far too many people who just wake up one day and decide they will become a life coach. I discerned my own calling-a calling from God-for a few years before I left my long-time job that I loved and where I made a very comfortable salary, met weekly with a lot of important community leaders, and helped a small arts center become an internationally recognized museum. Leaving that position to build a life coaching practice was a huge leap of faith.

A 25-year-old mother of two recently called me to ask about life coach training and the realities of this profession. She wants to coach mothers to help them live balanced lives. Her baby was screaming in the background as we spoke, and she was a bit frantic. I took a deep breath and asked, “Do you think you have lived enough life to coach moms?” It was a wake-up call for her.

There are many wonderful life coaches, business coaches, and other types of coaches out there! You can learn more about my coaching at http://www.amywaltoncoaching.com. I empower women to live with balance, joy, and purpose as they make changes in the areas of their lives in which they are seeking improvement and success… however that looks to them.

If you are considering hiring a coach and you think I might be the right coach for you, I humbly offer you 6 reasons you may want to hire me:

You want a coach who has lived a life. I am in my sixth decade of life. I’ve dealt with many challenges, including losing my husband at an young age and struggling with an eating disorder in my early adult years. I’ve raised two little boys into two accomplished and respectable men. I have demonstrated success in several different careers. I am not a rookie at life or parenting!

You want a coach with years of diverse, professional experience who can offer you helpful community connections and resources. I have been very blessed to have had careers that have grown me, challenged me, connected me with many great people, and allowed me to impact people in so many positive ways. I often introduce clients to important business and community leaders who might be good connections for them. I can introduce you, too, to people and resources that may help you!

You want a certified coach. Coaching, as of now, is not a regulated profession. I fully expect-and hope- that it becomes such; but until that happens, I strongly encourage people to hire a certified coach. Credentialed and certified coaches have gone through extensive training, are committed to continuing education and best practices, and adhere to important ethical and professional standards. I am among that group!

You want a coach who prays for you and quite often, with you. Much of my coach training has been through Christian coaching programs (http://pccca.org) and a world-class retreat coaching program (http://retreatcoaches.com). I hold certifications in both professional life coaching and Christian life coaching. I have coached women who admittedly are agnostic and a few who follow other religions. I do find, though, that my most successful clients are those who want to be coached as a unique creation of God and a follower of Christ. Regardless of spiritual beliefs, though, I pray for all of my clients.

You are seeking an affordable coach who offers added value. I personally think many coaches charge far too much money. They buy into that old “charge what you are worth” philosophy. I consider myself and my clients priceless, so I have developed packages that are affordable and with some very beneficial added value. You can view my offerings at http://www.amywaltoncoaching.com/coaching/

You want results! The most important thing any client wants is RESULTS. This is the reason people hire coaches! The client has a situation or problem she wants to improve, and she can’t-for various reasons-make the changes on her own. What does she do? She hires a coach who can help her get results. I am not a magician and I don’t offer a money-back guarantee, but I have helped my clients grow  and reach new levels in business, rekindle their marriages, and move from a very negative to a very positive mindset.

Looking for a coach?

Contact me at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com, and let’s talk!


Amy Walton is a certified women’s life coach, retreat coach, and Christian life coach who lives in coastal Virginia. She coaches in person (if the client lives within a 20-mile radius of her) and via Skype and the phone. She frequently speaks to professional and women’s groups on a variety of topics, and at age fifty-something, can still sling around some hefty weights in the gym.