Gotcha on the title, didn’t I?

Declutter your mind using social media? Wait… don’t most of us complain about how social media platforms clutter our minds?

Let’s face it: Social media is here to stay. It’s changed the way we communicate; and while it can be great for reconnecting with old friends and promoting one’s business- or showing off kids and grandkids- it has kept many of us behind our computers and phones without personally interacting, AND we allow ourselves to stay on and read and probe.

And, yes, stalk at times.

When I go to the gym or attend various meetings, i notice those people who are glued to Facebook and email, and I think, “Seriously, you can’t let it go for even an hour?”

How do we stop the insanity, declutter our minds, be more productive, and have real relationships?

BOUNDARIES, my friends… and decluttering our social media!

Below are 7 suggestions for decluttering your mind by cleaning up your social media. These tips have worked well for me. In all honesty, though, I am still working on a couple… but only a couple.


  1. Choose 1 social media platform you can eliminate. It’s hard to let go of one, but doing so will start your mental decluttering process. Write down all areas of social media for which you have an account. This might include Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Prioritize according to both your personal wants and business needs. Choose 1 platform, and deactivate your account. I deactivated my Instagram account last summer; and while I enjoyed taking and posting photos, I wasn’t using the platform for business or to really stay in touch. It just became one more thing to do, so I eliminated it. Let something go; you’ll feel lighter!
  2. Remove a social media application from your phone or tablet. Those phone apps can pull us down a time-sucking hole IF we allow them. It starts out innocently when we take a photo and post it. Then we start checking for comments and “likes” (or “loves” or” wows!”). And then, we start trolling through the feed. STOP! Try one week without your Facebook app (I say this because I think Facebook’s the big one). Experience freedom that’s the word a lot of my clients use after they have done this very thing.
  3. Schedule your viewing times. Why not create and stick to a schedule? For example, you can write down (Yes, put the schedule in writing where you can see it daily!), and designate two specific times per day for viewing your various social media platforms. I recommend viewing all of them during that same time slot and posting at that time, too. Two specific times per day. Bam! You’ll be more productive in between; and when you do log on, it will be a treat, something to which you can look forward!
  4. Set a timer for each viewing time. After you establish your viewing times, set a time limit for viewing. If you are looking at several platforms, try to limit your viewing time to under 20 minutes per time. Yes, you can do it!
  5. If you have Facebook friends who have connected with you solely for business purposes, send them messages explaining that you are culling your friends’ list to family and close friends. Suggest they connect with you on LinkedIn or like your Facebook business page. Wait 1 week after sending the message, and unfriend them. It’s okay. You set your boundaries, and you made your contacts aware. Stick to your boundaries.
  6. Do not look at social media after 8 or 8:30pm. Research has shown that using mobile devices and computers at night can reduce the important melatonin we need for quality sleep and overstimulate our minds. And do we really want to fill our minds with everyone’s news that’s spinning around on the internet an hour or two before bedtime?
  7. If you have a Facebook business page. schedule your posts ahead of time so you don’t need to think about them the rest of the week. This is such a great thing! You can create and schedule your posts for the week and not have to think about them the rest of the week… unless you are checking “likes” and comments.


Social media can be a wonderful thing, as long as you don’t allow (there’s that word again!) it to take over your mind and life. Get outside. Take a walk. Chat with a friend in person over coffee or wine. Read a book. Be more productive at work!

We’re designed for relationships. real relationships, and we are all blessed with many talents. Declutter and enrich your mind and your life today with real interactions and interesting outings… not with what your friend Julia ate for lunch. Okay, well maybe that fluffy, honey-saturated biscuit from Three Ships Coffee looks enticing (It’s actually amazing!), but still…

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Amy Walton is a Virginia Beach-based women’s life coach whose primary focus is on Christian spiritual growth, relationship building in business, and helping mothers thrive while raising their children. She is a recovering Facebook prowler, has an ongoing process for cleaning up her own social media, and has found her rare sweet spot in a big warm honey biscuit at Three Ships Coffee in Virginia Beach. You can reach her at