It’s summer.

It’s humid.

And I am a bit burned out.

We get that way sometimes in our much-too-busy lives, but so often we keep going and going until we have nothing left to give. We pour from empty cups; and even if the cup is half full, we aren’t adding any spice to our tea, so to speak.

Now, my cup is FAR from empty. I am filled by many people and many things, and I pour a lot into my clients and friends.

But my creative outlets are suffering, and this is really gnawing at me. I have articles and stories I want to write and presentations I’m developing. I also have a few big decisions to make. And as one who seeks God’s will in her life, I need to listen to His guidance on all these matters. But I can’t listen as deeply and clearly as I want to if there is a constant swirl of busyness and noise in my life. So…

I have decided that September will be my month for extreme self-care and really tuning in to the Spirit within.

I need to be still and know...

Here’s my plan, which is already in place:

I will not overload my calendar with meetings, coffees, and networking events. Four per week, maximum! I have to serve clients and connect with others, but I need time for reflecting and writing and creating.

I will do some of the assessments and activities I advocate for my clients. These will help guide me regarding the inner work I must do.

I will be quiet. I don’t like a lot of noise anyway, but I am now being even more deliberate about tuning out the noise, social media included!

I will be in bed by 10am at least five nights per week. Sleep is a beautiful and necessary thing.

I will play my piano. I just had my piano tuned, and I am playing music that nurtures my soul (primarily classical music).

I will play in dirt. Connecting with the earth is important and therapeutic, green thumb or not. I hear God’s voice in creation. Plus, I have weeds to pull, ivy to trim, and mulch to distribute.

I wiill visit my grandchildren and share a meal with a couple of spiritual sisters down south. My flight is already booked, and dinner is on the agenda. This will be a break from the norm, and being with people who truly nurture my spirit will be uplifting and encouraging. Being with my family helps me crystallize plans for my future.

I will soak in my hot tub 4-5 nights per week and just let my mind go as I gaze at the heavens, pondering my place in this vast creation!

I will hike in the woods at least once a week. My local state park has miles of trails, and forest bathing completely clears my head and helps important ideas and solutions emerge.

I will re-evaluate all my extra-curricular commitments for fall and choose one to drop. This one is going to be tough, but I cannot take on a full plate as I did last winter and spring. Sadly, something has to go.

I will spend even more time in prayer, in scripture and journaling. Open heart, open hands, open mind.

I will write! This is a must. 

My self-care plan, which will get plugged into my actual planner each week, will bring more music, nature, and stillness into my life. It will eliminate one area of over commitment and a few of those Facebook friends I have never met. They can like my business page if they so choose. And if they don’t, that’s okay!

The most important part? I will be still and listen more carefully, more closely, and more openly to God’s voice that guides me and fine tunes this perpetual work in progress.

I am enjoying and being very productive in this month of August, but I can’t wait for September!

Be still and know…


Be still and know that I am God.- Psalm 46:10


Are you a woman who is ready for a day of self-care or hiring a coach to help you get started? Contact me, and let’s talk! Life is too short to be overcommitted and to not have enough music, hot water, and dirt (the good, tangible kind!) in your life!


Amy Walton is a women’s life coach and Christian life coach, speaker, and writer who lives in coastal Virginia. When she’s not working, she is usually in the gym, pounding the streets of her neighborhood listening to her very diverse iPod selections, or sitting on her screened porch, rocking in her chair and sipping on a nice red wine. Connect with her at or at