Have you ever taken a bold step in a odd place or way?

Elle Woods did that several times in one of my fave comedies, “Legally Blonde:” Driving Claudette to the trailer part to retrieve her beloved dog from her meanie ex. Knowing the dude was lying under oath because of his comment about her shoes AND convincing the legal team to trust her. Doing that clever video to send in as part of her Harvard Law admissions packet.

And, of course, the “bend and snap!”

Gotta love Elle.

Why are we afraid to be bold?

Most of us were bold as little children, taking our first steps and continuing to try even after we had fallen a few times.

Oh, the experiences and voices that can shape our sense of worth and adventure…

Listen, I’m afraid to be bold in many situations, but in the ones where I am dragging my feet, it’s usually a case of something I don’t really want to pursue anyway (hard to own up to at times).

But I HAVE been bold, and my boldness has reaped great rewards!

Over a year ago I recognized a local magazine publisher and editor in a public restroom. I’d thought about pitching some stories to her for months but just never got around to it. As we both stood there washing our hands, I chatted her up and pitched an idea for a cover story. She asked that I email her the pitch; and now a year and a half later, I have written four cover stories and two arts profiles for the magazine. I’ve also turned down several-due to time restraints- but I have one in the cue for fall.

My point? Had I not decided to be bold in that restroom-of all places- and make my pitch, I may not have been offered any stories.

Fast forward a year. I wanted to dive back into facilitating some seminars that foster work-life balance, so I applied for and was accepted by a company that contracts such offerings. After I was brought on board, months passed, and I heard nothing from the company, not even an email. I knew they brought me on in a geographical area starting to become saturated with trainers, but I really wanted to teach!

What to do?

Well, forget calling or writing an email. I decided to follow Elle Woods’ lead and create a short video as part of my own “admissions packet.” In it, I was bubbly yet professional as I told them why I wanted to lead seminars, what I could bring to their company in terms of teaching and building relationships with clients, and I thanked them for the opportunity.

Within 30 minutes of hitting the “Send” button, I received a call from my account manager and late, from the CEO. They actually loved my little video.

In recent months I’ve taught and am committed to teaching seminars in universities and major government agencies, and I love it! Most of my career background is in teaching, and it feels good to help groups learn to create balance in their busy lives.

Sure, I could have called my contact or emailed, but my video got me noticed. I still might be awaiting my first seminar had I not channeled Elle!

Of course, sometimes our bold living can leave us with our feet in our mouths (but it’s still all good!).

Take the Thanksgiving holiday in 2013. I had just stepped off the plane heading into the Atlanta airport when I spotted a woman I was certain I knew from my gym in Virginia Beach. I walked over toward where she’d sat down, and then I knew exactly who she was because her husband was with her. I had seen them numerous times on a certain “Real Housewives” series and a spin-off show.

I’ll admit: I was somewhat starstruck (it happens), so I opened my mouth and out came, “I KNOW you.” Sigh….

She looked at me and asked, “You DO?”

I went on to say that I enjoyed the spin-off show, and I was going on and on about it until SHE said, “Well, don’t you remember I was……”

Uh oh. I did remember what happened in the end. Fortunately, her husband politely stepped in and made small talk about the Norfolk area, where he’d briefly been stationed while serving in the US Navy. I wished them a happy Thanksgiving and took my red-faced self on down to baggage claim.

Do I regret that slightly uncomfortable encounter that resulted from my bold step?

No. The chances of my seeing them again are slim to none, and they are actually very nice people. In fact, I almost friended her on Facebook afterward, but I decided that might be too bold of a step!

We all have more bold living to do! I know I do, and I’ll bet you do, too. We have this one life, we are divinely created by a loving God, and we’d better live this life with love, compassionate service to others, and savoring all life offers. It’s not too late until the clock stops ticking.

Don’t wait on an invitation.


The disciple Peter took a big step when he got out of the boat and took a few steps on the water. If you are familiar with that story, you know he started sinking, due to his lack of faith, but he DID take a bold step. We often overlook that in the story.

If you don’t take that BOLD step, you may regret it.

Take your BIG step, love, and if you’re afraid or unsure, email me at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.

I can give you a little or BIG push.

Amy Walton is a certified life coach and Christian life coach living in coastal Virginia. Unlike Elle Woods, she never pledged a sorority or applied to law school or wore a bracelet from Tiffany’s. She does love to coach women and teach, though, and she’ll happily sit on the floor with a glass of wine and talk about Jesus. Connect with her at http://amy-walton.com.