On this springlike day here in coastal Virginia, I turned 59 years young.

59?! How can that be?

I remember turning 16 and eager to get my coveted driver’s license. Age 18 saw me old enough (at that time) to buy beer, something I really don’t even care for. At 22, I cried on my future husband’s shoulders because I knew we would soon be graduating college and heading into the unknown world of real jobs.

My 30th birthday was the hardest. I was still immature, even though I was a married mother of 2-one being an infant-who had guided my husband through his near-fatal car accident that left him with one less leg. Thirty sounded SO old, and I was leaving my young twenties behind. I had laryngitis that day and was competing that evening in a regional speaking contest. I remember sitting on our deck, drinking tea with honey, rehearsing my speech in my mind and picturing myself doing well… and CRYING. I sobbed over that birthday.

Honestly, I think I was still dealing with postpartum depression, but doggone it if I didn’t win that speech contest!

Ages 40 and 50 came with much gratitude, but I have to tell you that staring 60 in the face makes me a bit uncomfortable. SIXTY.

Here’s what I prayed this morning:

Thank you, God, for my life, for my parents who created me, and for my precious family. Thank you for my sweet mother who gave birth to me 59 years ago today during a blizzard. Thank you for the wonderful mother she was, and forgive me for all the times I took her for granted. I hope she knows I loved her.

Here are things for which I am grateful:

  • 59 years of life
  • 59 years of good health
  • Inner and outer strength (the first honed by time with God, the latter developed in the gym!)
  • Motherhood-my greatest calling and project
  • My family
  • Shelter over my head and good neighbors
  • Great friends
  • Clean water
  • Surviving my recent careless fall with few injuries
  • God’s faithfulness
  • No gray hairs (and that’s without highlights or color)


Every day of life is a gift! As I sit here at age 59, I am filled with gratitude, love, and wonder.

Happy birthday to me!

And thank you, Mama and Daddy, for creating me.


Amy Walton is a certified life coach and certified Christian life coach who coaches women online or in person if they live in her area. She is a frequent contributor to publications and apps and is the author of Restoration: 40 Days to Renew Your Heart and Your Life. Interested in having her speak at your next women’s event? Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.